Lead a Team on Hawaii Village Build

Are you interested in leading a team with Hawaii Village Build (HVB)? If you’re at least 24 years old, passionate about solving the world’s affordable housing shortage, are in good health, and are excited about personal growth and exploring other cultures, you can lead an open or closed team of 8-12 individuals on a charitable adventure of a lifetime! 

You can become a team leader in five easy steps.

  1. Submit an application
  2. Get free team leadership training online
  3. Choose your team type, host location, and desired dates 
    (Proposal to be reviewed and approved by Hawaii Habitat and coordinated with local Affiliates)
  4. Recruit and inspire your team
  5. Make a difference in Hawaii

Important: Read the Team Leader FAQs

The team

About Team Types

Open Teams

Open teams are trips that Hawaii Habitat promotes on our website and social media platforms. Volunteers in an open team typically do not have pre-existing relationships with you or one another. Anyone can apply to join if you choose to organize an open team. We are currently accepting applications for open leaders.

View a list of available open teams

Closed Teams

Closed teams are teams associated with a specific organization or network. There are three types of groups considered as a closed team:

  1. Organization: A team associated with a church, nonprofit organization, corporation, social club, etc. The organization collects all trip funds and submits one check to Hawaii Habitat for Humanity Association, Inc. 
  2. Friends and Family: This group is most likely recruited through the team leader’s personal network. Team members can pay their program donations directly to Hawaii Habitat for Humanity Association, Inc. and utilize the peer-to-peer fundraising platform, Qgiv. 
  3. Habitat Affiliate: Any Habitat Affiliate traveling from another island or state. The team leader can be an Affiliate staff member, volunteer, board member, etc. Volunteers can be recruited through the Affiliate’s network. The Affiliate collects all trip funds and submits one check to Hawaii Habitat for Humanity Association, Inc.

“We moved from home to home and even lived in horse stables for about a year, as we had no means to finance a temporary or more permanent home. Our prayers were answered with the joining forces of the Department of Hawaiian Homes and the Honolulu Habitat for Humanity Team. We mahalo each and every one for helping to build our FOREVER HOME.”

– Keonaona “Ona” Salis
Honolulu Habitat for Humanity