From Puna Disaster to Puna Recovery with Habitat for Humanity Hawaii Island

On May 3, 2018, the Kilauea volcano erupts with large lava flows all the way into August of 2018–affecting 700 homes and residential areas in the Puna district

The Puna district is made up of mostly unpaved roads of volcanic rock and approximately a 30-minute drive from the coastal town of Hilo.

After a year, the Puna district continues to recover from the disaster. Habitat for Humanity Hawaii Island steps in with its’ 2019 Puna Offering as a long-term solution to help families rebuild and recover from the Puna disaster. 

This offering includes five new homes: Two leasehold properties owned by Housing & Land Enterprise of Hawaii County and three fee simple properties owned by Habitat for Humanity Hawaii Island. 

House packages offered for these lots are – one bedroom/one bath; two bedroom/one bath, three bedroom/two bath, or four bedroom/two bath (depending on your household size).

If you or a family member that you know is in need of immediate shelter assistance, Habitat is not an emergency shelter. Visit this here to contact a local emergency shelter. 

Get Involved

Visit Habitat Hawaii Island to volunteer in home builds or recovery.

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